Philadelphia Event Space

Choose from a variety of wonderful event spaces in Valley Forge, just an hour drive away from Philadelphia. Meeting rooms, banquet rooms and ballrooms are sure to please on every other level. Event spaces range from conference halls to intimate meeting space and can be broken down and sub-divided in almost any way you see fit. 

Our Popular Event Space Configurations

All Event Space Details

RoomDimensionsCeiling HeightSquare FootageBanquet RoundsReceptionTheaterClassroomConference”U” shapeCrescent Rounds/6
Alloy Ballroom78' x 90'13'5”70205007006003008060175
Alloy A78' x 30'13'5”2340120200200100405060
Alloy B78' x 30'13'5”2340120200200100405060
Alloy C78' x 30'13'5”2340120200200100405060
AlloyA/AlloyB78' x 60'13'5”4860260400400200--120
Alloy B/AlloyC78' x 60'13'5”4860260400400200--120
Alloy Ballroom Foyer90' x 15'8'1350-------
Palladium Boardroom20' x 24'8'11”480----16--
8th Floor Executive Boardroom 20' x 24'8'11”480----12--
Steelwork Ballroom90' x 49'8'11”44102602503802003244110
Steelwork A30' x 49'8'11”14709012015075284042
Steelwork B30' x 49'8'11”14709012015075284042
Steelwork A/B60' x 49'8'112940200250300150 -5084
Steelwork C23'1” x 49'8'11”1127708010050253036
Steelwork B/C53'1” x 49'8'11”2602160200250125535078
Fusion33' x 49'10'16179012015075284042
Nickel33' x 24'8'11”79240505030201624
Cobalt33' x 24'8'11”79240505030201624
Copper16' x 21'8'11”336--308108-
Ironwork A18' x 34'8'11”612364055362124-
Ironwork B18'x34'8'11”612364045332121-
Ironwork A/B36'x 68'8'11”244872751006530--
Sterling22' x 15'8'11”3302425258108-
Ironwork Foyer-8'11”--------
Summit 118.5' x 39'8'72250505030242430
Summit 216' x 27'8'43224303016161618
Summit 317.4' x 27'8'47024303016161618
Summit 416' x 27'8'43224303016161618
Summit 519.5' x 41'8'80050505030242430
Summit 619' x 40'8'76050505030242430
Summit 719' x 27'8'51324303016161618
Summit 819 x 25'8'47524303016161618
Summit 919' x 27'8'51324303016161618
Summit 1019 x 25'8'47524303016161618
Summit 1119' x 27'8'51324303016161618
Summit 1219 x 25'8'47524303016161618

If you would like to view or download the table above in pdf form please click on the button below. If you have any questions about meeting space, event capabilities or anything in general, please don’t hesitate to reach out at 610-337-1200.

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